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About Us

At Reyn Paper Co, we love paper. We also love lattes, pretty flower arrangements and freshly cleaned chalkboards, but our first and truest love is paper. It’s that simple. Perhaps it’s a cliched thing to say, and reading this you may be like, “Well, duh,” but it’s true, and it goes to the core of our mission to create unforgettable greeting cards and paper gifts. From the sketchpad to the printing press, we aim to give our collection a feeling of refinement and fun. Bright pops of color? Check. An absurd attention to detail? Check. Insane amounts of glimmering foil? Yes, please! Even more foil? Sure, why not. We love to make a lasting impressions, and we hope that our cards and gifts do the same for you.

Most days you can find us in our studio working on the next big idea for Reyn Paper Co. Like most small businesses we are family owned and operated. We like to keep things close knit so you know that when you work with us you are working with family.

And while we may be in the business of selling stationery and paper goods our values are structured around one very important thing: relationships. 

We understand that genuine value lives in and around the community we create. I'm not talking about those shiny picture perfect "friendships" you see on Instagram. I'm talking about real people with big dreams, fierce goals, and yes, struggles. Those people looking for connection, understanding and, dare I say, a tribe to belong to.

This past April marked our 4th birthday here at Reyn Paper Co. It's hard to believe we've been doing this for four years. That old adage is true; time really flies when you're having fun...and when you need to meet deadlines. With four years under our belt we are pressing ever forward, and we have some really fun and exciting things on the horizon.  

Something that you may not know about us is that we’ve been connected to this industry, in one form or another, for a very long time. Before we started Reyn Paper Co, in what feels like a lifetime ago, we owned and ran an art supply store and gallery space, and while we didn’t carry many greeting cards, we did carry, and obsess over, paper. It’s little wonder that we ended up in the stationery and paper goods business!

Our silhouette logo is inspired by our Australian shepherd “Curry” who we rescued from an adoption shelter in the fall of 2012. Curry also answers to the name Curry kins, Curry lips, and Cur Cur. We will admit that she is spoiled, but she deserves it.

The name Reyn Paper Co (pronounced like the bird, wren) is taken from our family's last name Reynolds. Using part of our surname in our brand was a way for us to keep the family name alive, given us Reynolds daughters had no brothers!

You can learn more about our quality and printing processes here.


Reyn Paper Co Team


Pam Reynolds: VP of Operations

Meet Pam, or El Capitan as we lovingly call her. She is the eyes, ears and brains behind this operation! Nothing happens with out her knowing. She knows all of our retailers and their pets names by heart. If you're calling to place an order or just chat you can bet that Pam's on the other end of that call. She loves Reyn Paper Co so much she even tries to come to work on the weekends (it's a problem!). And if you ask her what her favorite part of her job is, she'll tell you it's creating relationships with customers and helping them curate the perfect smorgasbord of cards and gifts for their store! 

Kristen Reynolds:
Creative Director

Ever wonder who comes up with all those crazy designs you buy? Well, that's Kristen. Lover of stationery, wearer of yoga pants, professional waffle eater and designer of all things Reyn Paper Co. She rarely answers the phone but loves responding to emails and those pesky forms you fill out on our site. What, you thought no one read those? Um, yeah she does! She's also our digital guru and creator of all those adorable mailers you get. You're welcome! Need a custom design? She's your girl. Need a friend? She'll do that too! And if there's one thing she wants you to take away from her designs, it's that life's too short not to be bold... or send ugly stationery.   

Curry: Mascot & H.R. Department

Some of you might recognize Curry from the Reyn Paper Co logo, graciously agreeing to become the "face" of our brand. Standing tall as a friend to all she is more than just a symbol. Recently promoted to the head of H.R., she  has revolutionized the entire department as well as our brand as a whole. She is positive, cuddly, always has a smile on her face and really boosts moral. The performance reports she gives are always uplifting and when you go to her with a grievance she is a great listener and always there to lend a helping paw. She schedules weekly retreats at the dog park for trust building and supports hourly breaks, especially if they involve going outside with her and a frisbee. Our positive attitude as a company can be traced back to one source, and that's Curry!

Garreth Lipe:
Business Manager

If it involves numbers you can bet that Garreth is involved. Accounting? Yep. Processing payments? Of course. Shipping costs and package weights? Oh, he's got that covered too! Able to tame even the wildest of spreadsheets he has a true gift for number taming and formula calculating. But don't let his nimble number crunching fool you, he too has a passion for all things paper. Whether it be a well designed magazine or crisply printed letterpress card he knows good work when he sees it.