About Us

At Reyn Paper Co, we love paper. We also love lattes, pretty flower arrangements and freshly cleaned chalkboards, but our first and truest love is paper. It’s that simple. Perhaps it’s a cliched thing to say, and reading this you may be like, “Well, duh,” but it’s true, and it goes to the core of our mission to create unforgettable greeting cards and paper gifts. From the sketchpad to the printing press, we aim to give our collection a feeling of refinement and fun. Bright pops of color? Check. An absurd attention to detail? Check. Insane amounts of glimmering foil? Yes, please! Even more foil? Sure, why not. We love to make a lasting impressions, and we hope that our cards and gifts do the same for you.

Something that you may not know about us is that we’ve been connected to this industry, in one form or another, for a very long time. Before we started Reyn Paper Co, in what feels like a lifetime ago, we owned and ran an art supply store and gallery space, and while we didn’t carry many greeting cards, we did carry, and obsess over, paper. It’s little wonder that we ended up in the stationery and paper goods business!

Our silhouette logo is inspired by our Australian shepherd “Curry” who we rescued from an adoption shelter in the fall of 2012. Curry also answers to the name Curry kins, Curry lips, and Cur Cur. We will admit that she is spoiled, but she deserves it.

The name Reyn Paper Co (pronounced like the bird, wren) is taken from our family's last name Reynolds. Using part of our surname in our brand was a way for us to keep the family name alive, given us Reynolds daughters had no brothers!

You can learn more about our quality and printing processes here.

Reyn Paper Co Team

Kristen Reynolds: Owner, Creative Director

Pam Reynolds: Owner, VP of Operations

Garreth Lipe: Owner, Business Manager